A Special Gift


God gave you a special gift to capture the love between family members. Everyone in the ABQ area or outside ABQ too!!!. . . . if you want great family photos, call her! She will make you a happy family forever on film for all of time. She knows kids! And does it well!!! ~Grandma J


No Cookie Cutter Shots

Jen has a true gift for photography! She sees the tiny details that make a person special, and she brings out their very best. Jen took my daughter's first professional pictures at 7 months old, and I can't imagine anyone else who could get such a spirited baby to take such beautiful, angelic pictures! She has an uncanny ability to read people and capture what makes them unique. None of Jen's pictures are cookie-cutter, they all have their own special perspective that only an artist could capture. Her calm demeanor makes you feel safe and special, what more could you want from someone capturing your most precious moments?

~Baby B's Mom


Gorgeous Shots

Jen Pecasting has a gift with children- she was able to connect with my children and get multiple, gorgeous shots that have turned into treasured photos. The best school pictures any of my four children have ever had taken. Thank you so much!


Had a Blast

We all had a blast at our session...and the pics turned out soooo great!!! and i know exactly who we'll call for our next pictures!!

~L and A's dad


Captured Special Moments

Jen is amazing! She has captured some really special moments of our life - first with maternity shots as we prepared to welcome our first child, then with irreplaceable photos of our daughter's first week and pictures with her parents (us!) and grandparents. There aren't that many people you would feel comfortable having over at your house six days postpartum, but Jen is absolutely one of them, and I'm so glad we did - now we have her beautiful photos to remember the teeny-tiny newborn days. She is a true artist and such a great person, and she makes her subjects feel so comfortable that she can really get them to show their true colors. We have gotten so many compliments on her gorgeous work. I think Jen is probably going to get pretty sick of us, because we're planning to have her take A's pictures many, many more times!

~Baby A's Mom


Natural Smiles

Jen is a awesome photographer. She took pictures of my 5 yr old twins and got beautiful shots. She captured their natural smiles and expressions with each other that were breathtaking. Also the special mannerisms and traits of each girl really showed through in the pictures she took.
~N and E's Mom


Special Talent

There are lots of photographers out there, but I've never seen one who has such a special talent with photographing kids and families. As a mom and teacher, she's especially wonderful with getting great pictures of kids -- no small feat given how they don't stay still for long! Jen has done portraits for several of my friends and family, including some beautiful photos of my husband and I (taken last fall down near the Bosque when the colors were just right). She has terrific pricing, knows some perfect outdoor locations for photo shoots, and her keen eye for the right lighting and setting will capture those "Kodak moments" you'll treasure for years to come!
~Mr. & Mrs. H


Treasure for a Lifetime

Jen is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever worked with. She has such a special talent for capturing children for who they really are. The quality is 5 star and the price is very affordable for families. Thanks Jen for pictures we will treasure for a lifetime!

~S Kids Mom


Thrilled with Results

A good photographer moves in and out of the scene and is able to observe the special interactions at an event that will allow people to remember the feeling of that day. We were thrilled with the results. All in all, we would highly recommend Jen for her artistry and reasonable pricing. She is a great artist and a wonderful person!
~Miss J's Mom


Top Notch Photography Skills


You created beautiful photos and with your caring spirit gave us wonderful family memories of picture-taking on a cold spring day. I grin whenever I think of your cheerful attitude and expert shooting as our unruly group moved from setting to setting. You have top-notch photography skills, but I believe your people skills contribute equally in getting the excellent large-group shots you achieve. The slideshow has many memorable photographs, and the rainbow over Tierra Monte is the perfect concluding shot. This whole experience has been a pleasure.

Thank you very much!
All good wishes to you,
~Grandma M